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The Aura Energy provides you with innovative and Vedic – proven solutions for your holistic physical and psychological development. We address concerns related to Aura Energy, Geopathic Stress, Chakra Energy, Health, and Vastu, and we suggest practical and viable remedies to overcome any problems associated with these.

With two decadal experience in Vedic aura research, we give a comprehensive approach to the issues that become hindrances to your peace and prosperity.
About The aura Energy

About Aura

Aura is a field of energy that is present in every substance. Every substance has energy according to Scientific theory, one part of energy manifests into the physical form. In contrast, the other form doesn’t manifest itself but is present around the substance as a periphery.

It comprises of colours or the visible light spectrum (VIBGYOR). It can be seen (by the trained) and can be measured for colour ranges - wavelengths and frequencies. Based on the wavelengths and frequencies of colours in the aura, the physical, mental, emotional and energy status of the physical body can be measured.

Does the aura of an individual remain stable?

As said earlier, the aura depends on the physical, mental, emotional and energy status of the individual. When an individual is prone to negative thoughts, negative actions, or evil doings, the aura changes to red but whereas when an individual has positive thoughts, helpful attitude and does good always, the aura is purified and it changes to blue and white.

Positive Energy

Positive Aura energy is all about boosting our well being, our ability to do our regular activities, and bringing positive change in our lives. Good generates positive energy. We can sense the positive energy in Temples, around good people and also within our good thoughts. 

Every individual must train oneself to believe and practice thinking positively. Feed your brain with positive thoughts. Say “I am happy” and be happy always. Increase your positive aura by being positive.

How do I increase my positive aura?

Our universe is made up of 5 elements – Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Space. These elements help us to cleanse our aura, Cleansing ourselves with any of these five elements increase our positive aura. For example, water baths, air baths( standing before a peaceful breeze) cleanses our negative thoughts. Homas(havan), pujas, and prayers increase our aura. 

Tips to increase your positive energy and around you

  • Laugh, smile!
  • Be grateful, have faith
  • Leave your past behind
  • Live in your present.
  • Do not speak about problems, diseases, illnesses, or worries.

Methods to improve positive energy at home / in office / in our body. The best approach is by vading off negative energies out of your environment. 

  • Have saltwater baths often ( preferably rock salt): body cleansing
  • Burn dhoopam sticks every day at home
  • Have positive energy plants at home/office
  • Meditate for 5-10mins everyday
  • Declutter every room at your place
  • Mop the floor with saltwater

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