Energy Vastu

Vastu is a science of Dwelling.

Buildings are geometrical structures which we call it a blueprint or plan. They possess energy, which also can be quantified with the help of Aura energy.

These energies play an essential role in human life, related to health, wealth and prosperity. Energy Vastu is a complete understanding of these subjects prevailing with the said energies, related to direction, geography, topography, and its environment. From the past, people started realising the excellent and adverse effects of experiences and hence has the emerged Vastu subject.

Energy Vastu

Why is Vastu important?

Vastu Shastra or the Indian science of architecture, based on the concepts of ancient Samkhya Sutras, understands that your home/ office/ site has a significant impact on your mind, wealth, health and relations. 

Application of Vastu on any structure attracts the desired – serenity, stability, money and health.

16 Zones of Vastu

As per Vastu Shastra, there are 16 Vastu zones in every structure, and each of these zones controls each aspect of life. 

Five elements of Vastu

The entire universe is made up of 5 elements (Panchabhootas). Each element dominates one direction. The energies of these elements are required for the structure to flourish and prosper. These energies should be balanced and sufficient for the well being of the building and the people staying in it. Any imbalance due to excessive or depleted energies may cause problems. 

Energy Vastu deals with balancing these elements, their energies and their effect on the structure.

1) Water

Direction: North

Represents Healing, Opportunities and Divine.

Healing energy, immunity and restoration of health, spirituality, the conception of new ideas, the flow of new opportunities and clarity of thoughts and vision.

2) Air

Direction: East

Represents Growth. 

Free, fun, joy and happiness, new connections, PR, and encouragement.

3) Fire

Direction: South

Represents Money. 

Confidence, zeal, and enthusiasm, Financial strength, prosperity, Fame and recognition

4) Earth

Direction: Centre

Represents Stability. 

Balance, patience and maturity. Peace and harmony.

5) Space

Direction: West

Represents expansion, organize, awareness, creativity, enhancement, extension, and thought process.