Gemstone Identification

Gemstones Compatibility

Gemstone Identification

Gemstones are precious stones found in the Earth’s Crust. According to the ancient Texts of Hinduism, 9 Gemstones representing 9 planets of astrology are important in influencing our life – emotionally, physically and financially.

9 gemstones(navaratna) correspond to 9 planets(navagraha) of astrology and 9 grains (navadhanya)

Sun Ruby Wheat Red
Moon Pearl Rice Orange
Mars Coral Red Gram (Whole) Yellow
Mercury Emerald Green Gram (Whole) Green
Jupiter Yellow Sapphire Chick Pea Blue
Venus Diamond Cowpea (Lobiya) Indigo
Saturn Blue Sapphire Black Til Violet
Rahu Hessonite (Gomed) Black Gram (Whole) Ultra Violet
Ketu Cats Eye Horse Gram (Kulti) Infrared

We, at The Aura Energy, measure the comaptibility and requirement of a gemstone and also identify the type of stone you require. The analysis is based on your current situation, astrologically. We calculate the carats/cents you need and suggest you the best gemstone.

Note: We do not sell gemstones. We only suggest the most suitable one.

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