Health and Well-being

Health and Well-being with Aura Energy

Health and Well-being

Health analysis through vedic Aura Energy is a new concept. It is a scientific and vedic approach towards the prevention and treating of diseases through the medium of Energy centres called the Chakras

Many Physical and Psychological Diseases are a result of imbalanced chakras, which are caused due to birth defects or negative earth energies like the geopathic stress, infrared- ultraviolet radiation points and sap points.

We provide remedies to problems that are caused due to radiations, Chakra imbalances and Vastu issues.

Our Health Services Broadly include

  • Consultancy and solutions for prevention of chronic diseases through removal of harful radiations
  • Consultancy and treatment for chronic health problems through energising the Chakras
  • Consultancy and treatment of incurable sleeplessness, mental illnesses, depression, loss of apetite, and other non-diagnosed health problems
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