Medicine Compatibility

Medicine Compatibility

Medicines have become a part of our lives. Some are prescribed by doctors for any ailment, some OTC or over-the-counter medicines for small problems like cough and coldand some are supplements like multi-vitamins.

Medicine compatibility is essential for the medicines to work effectively on our body. Every medication has a combination of chemicals used in it. A specific combination is used for a particular ailment.

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Every Pharma brand releases such combinations into the market. Based on the severity of medicine requirement or their working levels, doctors prescribe certain brands to the patients.

Few medicines may not suit the body and may create side effects. The medicine compatibility check is to know the suitability of medication to you even before administering it.

We, at The Aura Energy, check the requirement and compatibility of tablets, tonics, supplements or any other medicines prescribed / OTC with you. This check can altogether avoid any side-effects and help in treating the ailments quickly — suitable medicine for a speedy recovery.

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