The Seven Chakras

The Chakras reflect on the psychological, physical and spiritual aspects of life. There are 114 Chakras in total, out of which six are present outside our body, and the rest 108 are present inside the body where energy is centred. Out of these 108, Seven are main chakras and are dealt with for healing. The malfunctioning of these main chakras affects the vital functions of our body.

Chakra Energy

All the Chakras receive positive energy from the cosmic through Sahasrara Chakra – because it is situated at the Brahmarandhra (above our head). and circulate this energy to every part of our body. When there is any disturbance in receiving the energy or its usage, these Chakras get imbalanced and affect the corresponding organs and parts in the body.

Our body requires positive cosmic energy at different stages of life to activate and balance the chakras.

Development and Formation Age Chakra important for the development
Physical Body 0-7 years Mooladhara (be close to Earth)
Etheric Body (Psychological) 8-14 Years Swadhisthana (emotions)
Intellectual Body 15-21 Years Manipura
Psychic Body 22-28 Years Anahata (Elevated)
Spiritual Body 29-35 Years Visuddha (Realization)
Cosmic Body 36-42 Years Ajna
Nirvana Body 43-49 Sahasrara (Silence)
How to balance our chakras and increase Chakra energy?    

There are many Chakra healers to create a balance between the spirit, body, earth, and health. Below are the few wondrous techniques that heal the ailments and balance the Chakras

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A guided Chakra Meditation to bring attention to our body: The process of Meditation by focusing on the problem and concerned Chakras to facilitate the Chakras to reach the balanced state.

Positive thinking also increases the aura of the Chakra, thus balancing it. 

Physical massage to the parts affected will release tension and heal the ailment. This is a common technique used in Chakra healing.

Colour Therapy is another most effective healing technique as each Chakra is associated with colours of Visible light (as shown in the table) 

Chakra resonates with the associated Beejakshara as given in the table, listening and chanting of Beejakshara balances the Chakra. Also, listening and reciting Sri Lalitha Sahasranamam is the best known and most efficient Chakra healer, Sri Lalitha being the adhisthana Devatha of Sahasrara Chakra which controls the Chakra System of our body.

Aromatherapy using essential oils and flower essence is the easiest and effective Chakra healing technique. Combined with meditation, they prove to be the result-giving healers.